Flight Planning

Flight planning is an essential part for all flights operated by our customers. Our customers can rely on an expert flight planning team who is on standby 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our specialists know that flight planning is crucial for operators to control the schedule and costs. Factors such a reliable ETEs and fuel burn estimates are taken into consideration for all requested flight plans.

We are able to file ATC flight plans worldwide, and monitor subsequent slots (especially useful within the IFPS area) to reduce ground delays.

Our flight planners operate 24/7 with worldwide experience to assist our customers with their needs and requirements. We use reliable and sophisticated flight planning software. Our full Dispatch Package includes the following items:

  • Full computerised flight plan
  • ATC Filing
  • Graphical route plot
  • Enroute meteorological graphics
  • Significant weather brief
  • NOTAM briefing.

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