About Us

HandlingServices.aero regularly arrange civil and diplomatic overflight and landing clearances, airport slots, CFMU slot management, fuel, ground handling, catering and hotel reservations. We provide flight monitoring on all flights to anticipate any potential problems and resolve before they impact the smooth operation of the flight.

We also offer logistics and trip pre-planning for delivery flights, aircraft demonstrations and international air show participation.

Our customers include:

  • International passenger and cargo airlines
  • Government flight operators
  • Executive jet operators
  • Non-Governmental organisations
  • Aircraft manufacturers

The team

We are a team of dedicated professionals that have identified and understood the limitations of existing flight services provision. We have designed a global network solution that solves those challenges effectively.

We help flight operators manage their flight support planning, maximize their productivity, and minimize their time, effort and workload. We ease their lives, through all-in-one online user-friendly platform. An online package that provides efficient, cost-effective and fast flight support services the flight operators need anywhere at any time.

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